We are Cate and Jack Woodhouse. We are midwest-living, homeschooling millennials with several kids (5 right now, who knows how many more) who are passionate about DIY and personal finance. We aren’t professional bloggers and really don’t know what we are doing. But we do know a few life-hacks that have helped us get ahead in life and we wanted a place to share those.


We have been married for ten years and have found that pushing through the ups and down are worth it. And having a bunch of kids is awesome. We agree that as our family has grown, our happiness has also exponentially grown. That is probably the one area of our lives where we have thrown the financial consequences out the window– we have never considered the cost when it comes to having another child. Of course we are responsible and cover all our own expenses, but what I mean is that we don’t base our decision to have another child on the fact that it may mean another college tuition to cover or another mouth to feed. What I am saying is, don’t stop having kids because you are worried about having to cover the cost to raise them— IT IS WORTH IT! Why am I even writing this part?? I don’t know… I got off on a tangent already on the ABOUT page….


Thanks for stopping by!

-Cate and Jack